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Adventuring with @debocruz landed us a bunch of cheap bananas and this #fleamarketfind for $4.50. The accordion fold purse has brown and black leather and a spring-loaded latch. #style #vintage #thrifting

Breakfast yumyums from around the world. Each looks delicious

So many fumes… Products of the crafting session.

Midnight craft: marbling paper using nail polish instead of my oil paints! #diy #crafting

Why I Don't Wear Makeup

The Man Repeller is called out by fans first, then a big wig, then herself for not wearing make-up. Her realization is not revolutionary, but perfectly imperfect. That imperfection is what each of us holds as a unique place-card at the table of life. Wear it if you want. Don’t wear it if you don’t want. For me, freckles and my ruddy tone are my make-up mainstays.

Danville, Va., municipal building’s council chambers.

Annette Kellerman poses in a tight, one piece bathing suit. She was later arrested for indecency because the suits were considered too revealing and scandalous.

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